Unblock Phone Numbers and Find Out Who Is Calling

by TrapcallReviewer on February 9, 2011

Are you looking to unblock a phone number? I was receiving over a dozen harassing calls a day from a blocked number. I hate how you have to answer, because you never know when it is going to be an emergency! I searched everywhere for, “How to unblock a phone number” but couldn’t find any satisfactory articles.

Then I stumbled on a TrapCall review.

TrapCall works on any mobile phone with no software or hardware. It unblocks and reveals caller ID when a call has been blocked, revealing not only their number, but name and address in some cases.

How it works is pretty simple. TrapCall reroutes your unanswered blocked calls through a 1-800 number, then back to you. Anonymity is denied to 1-800 numbers, so TrapCall picks up the number as the data moves through their servers. According to a Wired test, the rerouting process only took 6 seconds on AT&T-and during that time all the caller hears is standard ringing.

So I signed up, unmasked the next blocked call, and found out it was my crazy ex-girlfriend!

After finding out who it was, I clicked the button to “blacklist” a number. Blacklisted callers hear a message telling them your phone number has been disconnected! Problem solved!

The basic unmasking is $4.95, which allows you to unmask blocked calls and blacklist unwanted callers.

A $10 “Mouse Trap” upgrade allows you to get transcripts of voicemail messages and usually text messages with the phone number of the caller. In this version there are missed call alerts and most often you get name & address for caller ID.

A $25 “Bear Trap” upgrade allows you to record phone calls and receive text messages with the billing name and street address of your caller.

Anyway, I just wanted to share what a great product Trap Call is. It really is saving me a ton of headache every day by allowing me to take back control of my phone. [http://unblockphonenumber.net]Unblock a phone number and find out who is calling!

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